House with Bridges

Architect: RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd
Client: Ms Lim Sau Hoong

Design Award (Residential Project)

Jury Citation

A simple solution could not suitably address the challenges posed by a difficult site and a complex program.

The site was angular in shape and cliff-like with an extreme drop of 15metres from rear to front. The lady client's brief was equally demanding, with distinct spaces needed for her men from 3 generations - her elderly father, her 2 grown-up sons, and her husband.

The architects rose to the challenge with remarkable creativity. 2 separate blocks arranged perpendicular to one another form a deceptively simple parti. As the forms rise and engage the verticality of the site, they also undergo localised architectural operations such as cuts, pop-outs, bridges and cantilevered platforms.

The materials were well-handled and the detailing sophisticated.

Overall, the jury commented that despite complexities, the carefully considered design moves created stunning surprises and were delightful.