Architect's Office At Kim Yam Road

Category: F2 Commercial
Architect: Park + Associates Pte Ltd
Client: Park + Associates Pte Ltd

Design Award

The mark of a well-considered and well-executed interior begins with an understanding of the existing architecture, structure and history of a building.  The Architect's Office at Kim Yam Road goes much deeper than mere surface treatment by respecting firstly the existing barrel vault roof structural system which was used to create a column-free long-span space for a school library, as was common in the 1960s when the existing structure was built. The sense of arrival is created at the foyer, where the impressive triple-volume space within the first barrel vault is accentuated with black steel pilasters and arches, and a stair/bridge that takes the visitor to the reception.  Surprisingly at the reception, the visitor arrives at a pantry which is expressed as a hip cafe, which is featured as the social heart of the office.  The attention to detail is extraordinary, from respecting and replicating the original glass louvre windows, to bold strokes of dark accents, custom-made furniture, well-crafted lighting effects, all the way to laying out workstations in alignment with the barrel vaults, presenting a unified concept which brings out the strong personality of the original building. The enhancement of the intrinsic quality and beauty of the existing space, through the new interior treatment and orchestration of such a varied spatial experience has given the jury a lasting impression of the project. The jury gives this project a design award for the design of a creative office environment which challenges convention in a highly refined and tasteful manner.