NUH Medical Centre

Category: C4 Healthcare Buildings (Hospitals/Polyclinics etc.)
Architect: CIAP Architects Pte Ltd
Client: National University Hospital

Honourable Mention

A primarily patient-centric design, the jury is impressed by this building’s distinctive architectural outlook and its features which incorporates various accessibility and convenience aids. Dedicated lifts and escalators, to name, are a few of the key elements for convenience. The flow of people is adeptly integrated by ensuring building circulation routes ties seamlessly with the MRT to minimise congestion of the large influx of outpatients. Amenities, views of nature and strategically positioned sky and roof gardens are some positive elements that connect architectural design with people emotions. Furthermore, the architect’s design of educational and research spaces provide people with an opportunity to share, discuss and interact. A bold design change is the usage of elevated bunkers to house radiotherapy facilities, the architect’s other skills are shown by designing natural lit corridors which show juxtaposition to the radiotherapy facilities. In conclusion, the medical centre incorporation of greenery and light in the architectural design functions as an organic complement to the development.