Good Shepherd Place

Category: C3 Community Buildings (Community Centres/Libraries/Museums etc.)
Architect: LAUD Architects Pte Ltd
Client: Marymount Centre

Honourable Mention

The jury felt that Good Shepherd Place clearly exhibits the idea of different components living “under one roof”. Despite the individualistic character of each component, the architecture has been quite effectively unified by the landscape and its elements. With a large planted courtyard serving as the heart of the kindergarten shaped similar to a “leaf-shaped” donut, these landscape features also serves as natural boundaries reminiscent of the old Marymount green settings. Further injection of characters through the therapeutic landscaping are the cascading gardens of the Sister’s Residences, as well as the extra private spaces are thus created due to the complementary gardens, where all occupants have direct access to these lush greenery. The architect also displayed creativity in overcoming security of the Children’s Home by locating living rooms directly outside each dormitory, maximising visual connection to the green whilst maintaining ease of monitoring. In essence, Good Shepherd Place is a purposeful design that integrates environment to the best interests of its inhabitants.