Four Acres Singapore

Category: C1 Educational Buildings (Schools, universities, polytechnic etc.)
Architect: DP Architects Pte Ltd
Client: Ascendas Fund Management (S) Ltd for and on behalf of HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Limited

Honourable Mention

The appeal of the project lies in the harmonising between the old and new  where the new training and development facility, marries in a bold yet harmonious gesture of a giant flowing green roof with the ten existing aged bungalows. Respecting the original identity of the green lung site of Nepal Hill, the architect intently meanders the building around precious flora, while trees that were uprooted were creatively recycled as makeshift street furniture. Shaping the architecture closely to existing typography, landscape and architecture integrates through introduction of light shafts and skylights, amalgamated with streams of water and sculpted trees that allow natural light to illuminate learning rooms and corridors. Extensive greenery, vertical and horizontal, creates both aesthetic and environmental qualities that adds further delight to the external and interior of what the jury felt was an overall charming project.