Branksome Hall Asia at Jeju Global Education City

Category: C1 Educational Buildings (Schools, universities, polytechnic etc.)
Architect: MKPL Designs Pte Ltd in collaboration with Samoo Architects & Engineers
Client: Branksome Hall Asia

Honourable Mention

This institution is an exemplary sustainable campus situated on Jeju Island, a World Heritage site where the design draws inspiration from its unique natural setting, local culture and history, as well as the local climate. The learning centers of Branksome Hall Asia campus are envisioned as “sculptures in the landscape” interconnected by meandering paths within the lushly landscaped central green zone of ‘Living Forest”. Besides enhancing connectivity between two dividing plots to the outdoors and surrounding mountainous landscape, the development also provides key connections between the school and its community. Anchored at the central green, a main circulation spine effectively links all parts of the school to another common datum, to the Campus Plaza - a main event place and social heart of the school. In terms of spatial planning, the design advocates multi-functionality of facilities, ‘blurring the boundaries’ between circulation-program space, inside-outside and formal-informal zones to optimize them for learning. The jury awards the project for a well-conceived learning hub enlivened by circulation, programmatic synergies and maximum flexibility, as well as well integrated various environmental features to ensure the center is climatically-responsive and ecologically-sensitive.