Stephen Riady Centre

Category: C1 Educational Buildings (Schools, universities, polytechnics etc.)
Architect: DP Architects Pte Ltd
Client: National University of Singapore

Honourable Mention

The jury is drawn by the dynamic qualities of this institution as a vibrant cluster of spaces, bringing diverse groups of student communities into this social melting pot. Considerable creative skills are exercised by the architect in shaping the spatial and programmatic content in this skewed site, where a datum spine of dual-stacked of pedestrian linkages and shared domains, generates key sense of movement and spontaneity with an array of functional plug-ins along with a multitude of breakout spaces. The central forum that acts as the fulcrum with major confluences of paths, is also well designed as a strategic node of bringing in daylight and effective natural ventilation into the internal spaces. The project is undoubtedly successful in combining programmatic diversity with seamless connectivity, injecting a distinct sense of place in this destination for the student communities.