House of memories at holland grove terrace

Category: A4 Terrace/Semi-Detached Houses
Architect: a d lab pte ltd

Honourable Mention


The House of Memories celebrates a unique aspect of memories of a previous dwelling that resided the same site which features specific qualities of sense of arrival, bright open spaces and double pitched roof, specifically requested as desired elements by the inhabitants. The architect capitalises on a lofty shared courtyard with water features, to anchor the house, shared by two households, as a central space that links all the levels of the house, while providing cross ventilation and ambient occlusion. Formally, the elongated proportions in the new design allowed the line of the pitch and roof eave to be stretched across the frontage of both houses, depicting cohesion between both houses while retaining their individual identities through differing porosity of the courtyards of the houses within its surroundings and for the occupants. Overall, the project is commended for its proficient expression in reimagining an aged house and considerable skills are shown while retaining the subliminal essence of the original House of Memories.