Benefits & Privileges

Since 1961 Singapore Institute of Architects has represented the professional interests of Singapore’s architects. Membership in SIA will enable you to enjoy a wealth of privileges and benefits to help you in your career as an Architect.

Representing the Profession
Singapore Institute of Architects actively engages other allied professionals and relevant authorities on policies, rules, regulations and practice issues across a wide range of areas.

Members have the opportunity to volunteer to serve on one of the committees. This is an exclusive members’ privilege, as it allows members to give views on practice and other issues of concern. This offers a valuable opportunity for members to play in shaping policies before their implementation.

Guidance on Professional and Practice Issues
Members who have a concern or query on a practice issue or need guidance on professional conduct rules or professional ethics may approach the Secretariat who will refer the queries to the appropriate committee.

Conditions of Contracts
The SIA Form of Contracts, first published in 1980, is for Architects’ use in their course of practice as Contract Administrators.

Service Agreement
Access to the latest knowledge and information

RCS News Online is a monthly electronic news bulletin on the latest Regulations, Codes and Standards which all members receive free via email. There is also an on-line collection of Regulations, Codes and Standards compiled over the years. It is a one-stop center for vital information from authorities such as BCA, URA, FSSD, LTA, etc

Electronic newsletter, published monthly to update members on the latest local and international design competitions and awards, events and activities and any available job opportunities.

Continuing Professional Development
Throughout the year, Singapore Institute of Architects offers seminars and training programmes targeted at enhancing practitioners’ skills and knowledge in various fields of practice. Members will receive regular email updates and enjoy preferential rates for attending lectures and events.

Senior Architect - Student Mentorship Programme
The Senior Architect-Student Mentorship Programme was re-introduced in 2006 with the objective to help students from the Department of Architecture, NUS, to gain a better understand on the practice of architecture. It is also intended to establish a professional relationship between the students and the firms at an early stage and bridge employment expectation gaps between student and firm, if and when students decide to work with the same firm upon graduation.

Through this Programme, SIA student-members will be assigned to respective Senior Architect Mentors for technical guidance in their architectural education for a period of one year. During this period, Student-members will have the privilege to seek technical-counsel on their course work with their Mentor at a mutually-convenient schedule. Mentors will provide the opportunity for student-members to gain valuable insight into the practical aspect of architectural design and practice. This may be via site visits or even attendance at office project briefings, if appropriate.

Mentors will acquaint student-members with the design and building process, construction methods as well as problems and solutions of architectural practice and design, with an overview for them to understand the entire design and implementation process.

Generally, the programme was viewed as enriching and rewarding for both mentors and students and is still on-going.

Local Business Networking
SIA memberships comprise members from firms of various sizes. This provides a suitable platform for architects to network, share practice information and seek out suitable working partners.

International Business Development
Over the years, SIA had built up a strong relationship with foreign partners. This allows the Institute to effectively promote Members' works internationally. SIA is an active member of the International Union of Architects (UIA), the Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA), the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) and the ASEAN Association of Planning (AAPH).

Design Awards
Members have the opportunity to participate in SIA Architectural Design Awards. The Design Awards was introduced 1983 to recognize the efforts of SIA members in their pursuit of architectural excellence and innovative solutions. It is also aimed at heightening the appreciation and patronage of good architectural design from both the architectural fraternity as well as the general public.

Fee Calculator
Fee Calculator is a web-based application developed with the objective to provide an estimated architectural service fee based on a set of inputs from user. The estimated figure acts as a guide for members in preparing proposal to client.

The benefits of fee calculator:

  1. provides 'default' values that can be used as a reference point when starting to consider fees
  2. provides framework of discipline for Architects to comprehensively consider and take into account their service obligations under a service contract including the make-up and durations stages of the project and the scope of service required
  3. a solid position in service contract negotiation
  4. an assurance to the Employer on an Architect's commitment to give appropriate time and effort to the project

Access to the latest knowledge and information

SA Magazine
A bi-monthly magazine of the Singapore Institute of Architects, which is available for members free-of-charge, SA is a full-color high quality magazine dedicated to promote quality Singapore architecture and provide a forum for Singapore architects. This is also the only magazine in Southeast Asia produced and written by architects for architects.

Capability Profile
An annual publication, Capability Profile, serves as a useful resource to promote members' capabilities and practices both locally and internationally. Besides circulation to members and industry partners, the distribution includes International Enterprise (IE) Singapore Overseas Centre as well as Singapore Embassies around the world.

Member Directory
An annual publication to profiling all the members, this serves as a useful tool for the fraternity to keep in touch and for the public to contact our members easily.

Online Directory
Member firms get the opportunity to be listed on the SIA website online directory. This allows public to approach members quickly and easily.

Free for members to advertise for career opportunities in the SIA Website.

Conveniently located in the Central Business District, SIA Premises provides an excellent venue for meetings and seminars. Members can enjoy complimentary access to all the meeting facilities and at a preferential rate for using the theatrette for seminars/courses.