SIA Competition Rules


Competition is an excellent way to challenge norms and create the best in any enterprise. It provides the promoter the privilege of having numerous designs available for his selection which meet the project needs, each driven by the promoter's vision. The project will gain from the creative minds of many architects, driven by knowledge that they will have to produce their best to have the chance of winning the competition.

The key is to conduct competition according to established competition principles, to benefit both the promoter and participants and to achieve a most conducive situation for all. The process will further enhance the built environment and improve the quality of living for all.

Design competitions help to uplift the status of the profession, which in turn promote and encourage the development of innovative and exciting design ideas for the good of both the promoter and the general public. Design Competitions enable new talents to be discovered. It is also an excellent way for architects to build upon their profile and track record, and sharpen their design edge in the process.



In the interest of constantly improving the quality of design, architectural services and the built environment, there must be continuing competitions. Over the years, the Singapore Institute of Architects has gathered a lot of experience and has continually evolved and developed the principles of competition and the proper procedures for organising a successful competition.

The key principles are:

  • There must be a proper detailed design brief developed by practising professional in consultation with the developer/promoter with the requisite programme detailing the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the programme
  • It must be assessed by reputable and independent judges free from conflict of interest
  • It must be conducted in an environment of anonymity
  • There must be proper remuneration in the form of prizes commensurate with efforts required and the nature of the project
  • Recognition of effort must be accorded, which include exhibition of entries as a learning exercise and with respect for intellectual property and copyrights
  • A fixed professional fee must be made known up-front

For more information on organising Design Competition, please contact SIA Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.