Archifest Pavilion Design Competition

The Archifest pavilion is envisioned to be the physical manifestation of the spirit of Archifest as a celebration of ideas and will be the centrepiece key venue of the festival.

It demands a design that rethinks and reinvents our experience of a public space and is to be designed as a temporary, outdoor recreational venue for a comfortable, unique and multi-sensorial experience of the city to be enjoyed by everyone.

The pavilion is also envisioned to be an opportunity for one of Singapore’s emerging architects to design and build an innovative and significant project in a prominent location. It is hoped that the reputation of the pavilion will build up over the years and the opportunity to be involved in creating this pavilion will be seen as an honour and as a key event in the architectural calendar.

The pavilion should be designed with minimal waste and minimal damage to the environment. Designers are encouraged to use smart techniques including recycled materials, innovative technology, energy efficiency and reduced wastage in the overall design. Proposals should also consider the after-life of the pavilion and the re-use of the materials once the Festival is over.

Specificity of the site
The pavilion should address macro issues such as Singapore’s climate and local culture and also site-specific conditions such as the site’s history and accessibility in the proposal.

Programmatic Requirements
Designers are expected to propose programmes that will reinforce the ideas behind the proposal or enhance the experience of the Pavilion. This should complement the programme line-up for the site.

The pavilion will be a venue for the following fringe activities and should adequately provide for its requirements (e.g. gathering space, stage area, seating space).